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Book a wedding singer

By live101 - 19 Oct 2019


When it comes to your big day, there are often a hundred different things to plan and take care of. These include not only hiring a venue for the reception, the seating of your guests and the catering, but also musical entertainment. Nowadays, many choose to forgo the obligatory disco with its hit-or-miss collection of pop hits and instead hire a wedding singer to add a touch of class to the affair and provide a musical spectacle befitting of such an important ceremony.



A wedding singer can add sophistication to an event so that it becomes truly special and unforgettable for you and your partner, as well as for the guests. So how do you go about hiring someone who lives up to your expectations and makes for a day or night to remember? When looking to hire a wedding singer you first of all need to take into account the location. You need to make sure that the wedding singer either lives and performs regularly in this area or is prepared to travel. You can avoid potential hitches as your wedding singer of choice getting stuck in traffic on your big day, or getting lost on the way to the event. You may also have the opportunity to consult with them face to face before your wedding to make ensure that they are a good fit for you and that everything is planned perfectly in advance. When you are looking for your wedding singer, it is also important to make sure that the entertainment fits into your venue of choice. Wedding singers often come either accompanied by a live wedding band or backing tracks, so you need to make sure the location of your wedding can be set up to meet any technical and logistical requirements.


Next, you will need to consider your budget. Many a wedding singer boasts a variety of different packages to suit the needs of their various clients. A live wedding band is likely to cost more, so be sure that this is within your means before you hire one. The backing tracks that a wedding singer usually provides are normally a great way to avoid this extra cost and still provide the luxury of a live performer at your wedding. Be sure to investigate all the options in your local area that are within your budget before you make a choice.


Whereas one singer may specialize in ballads to slow-dance to, another may tend to perform a more dynamic set. Consider the style of music that you would like your wedding singer to perform, and check with them whether their regular repertoire includes songs of this genre. Wedding singers are often happy to learn new pieces for you, so it is worth asking them if they can perform that particular song that is special to you and your beloved.


Finally, it is advisable to see or listen to the musicians yourself before you make a final decision. Be aware that tracks recorded in a studio can be auto-tuned or edited, so your best bet is to witness a live performance or to listen to a recorded live performance. A reputable singer will be able to provide either or both of these options for you. In conclusion, there are several things to take into account when planning on hiring a wedding singer for your wedding. By taking into account logistical and technical issues, your budget and the style and quality of the singer and their backing tracks or band, you are sure to find the perfect musical accompaniment for your special day.



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